Sunday, October 14, 2007

there simply isn't enough

money. To go around. You don't have enough. Your friends don't have enough. Nor does your family. And what little money that you do have, you fritter away. How much money have you spent on Pop-tarts over your lifetime? Too much, too much, way too much. Sure that gooyey strawberry filling was madness after being nuked on high for 3o seconds - especially when covered with iced frosting and a few sprinkles - but you were in a hurry and had money to burn so there you were with a smile on your face and a scalded tongue. And that's just one example. Things you wanted, but didn't necessarily need, they're all around you.

Our heroes, however fallen, also don't have enough money. Litigation is expensive and apologies are few and far between. So saddle up riders and join the peleton.

First they took away his dignity and now the jersey. But you can help help Floyd recover his maillot jaune and earn one for yourself for the small price of $29.99 postage paid.
The jersey is 100 percent organic cotton and the attitude is all French. Proceeds benefit the Flance Fund. Order yours today. Or order one for Flance (he's lost his) since today is his 32nd birthday.
m.o.i.: maillot jaune
m.o.i.: corporate money
m.o.i.: white hat, black hat, yellow jersey
m.o.i.: the 2-mile high club
m.o.i.: flance to wear zero for prologue
m.o.i.: you've lost that lovin' feeling
m.o.i.: give it up
stage 17 recap

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