Wednesday, October 10, 2007

what's your s.l.e.e.p. index?

It's now easier than ever to determine you S.L.E.E.P. index.

S = L + E + E + P, where

S = your sleep index.

L= length, in hours of uninterrupted sleep.
If hours slept are greater than 10 then
a) subtract 5 from the total if hungover,
b) subtract 4 from the total if suffering from sleep deprivation, and
c) subtract 3 from the total if depressed.

E= enjoyment factor. Was there a vivid dream at the end of your sleep? If this was dream that you could savor, peruse, and refine during the Enabling period (see below), score 1. If this dream was a recurring dream and you were able to build off previous interpretations, score 1.5. Any flying dream scores a 2. Any flying dream that also includes psychedelic paisley prints, scores 3. Nightmares score -1. Nightmares with flying creatures scores -3.

E=enabling factor. Was your sleep prolonged by blissful waking moments only to realize that you did not yet have to arise? Were you still able to resume sleeping? or better yet, dreaming? Score 1 if the wait is 30 minutes before you have to arise, 0.5 if the wait is 15 or 45 minutes. If you awake 1 hour or more you have to arise and you can't return to sleep, then score -1.

P=Predicting factor*. Are you now well rested? 1 point if "yes, the world is now my oyster", 0.5 points if you feel great after 1 cup of coffee, or 0 points if you need an injection of vitamin b-12 before going to work.

Scoring last night's sleep using the S.L.E.E.P. index.

L=7.5 hours of uninterrupted sleep, 7.5 points.

E=Enjoyment factor, development of new scientific theory while dreaming equals 1 point.

E=Enabling factor, awoke thirty minutes prior to arising (used time to define new scientific theory), score 1 point.

P=the world was somewhere between an oyster and a brook trout on a line. Score 0.75.

So last night's sleep would score a 10.25.

In order to be well-rested your sleep index should be 8, or greater. Sleep indexes of 7 or less indicate sleep deprivation and are additive. Meaning that if you consistently score a 7 every day for a week then, at the end of a week, hou'd have almost a full nights loss of sleep. Or in lay terms, you be tired.
*Subtract 2 here if you inflate your bed to a number.

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