Friday, August 10, 2007

it's all about the money

A brief history of recent U.S. Pro Cycling teams.

Discovery Channel. Defunct.

U.S. Postal Service. Defunct.

Team Motorola. Defunct.

Team 7-11. Defunct.

There's no money in it. Or at least not enough money in it. Dicovery Channel is the latest U.S. sponsor to walk away from the sport, despite having just placed 2 riders on the podium in the '07 Le Tour, and despite being owned in part by 7-time Maillot Jaune winner, Lance Armstrong.

Why? dope scandals? fear of a black eye? a flat tire? Corporate, while all the time playing up the hero, is quick to bash them, especially when the finicky public and the media are festering with scandals.

It will get worse before it gets better. Next up, Flance, will finally lose his hip (and his yellow jersey) to the devil unless he can somehow convince Phil Spector to pay the World Anti-Doping Agency a visit after the bars close.

And then maybe it will get better as a world-class cycling event is slated to premier this September in of all places, Missouri. Go figure. I hope they aren't planning on making money on this venture but it should be fun to watch.
m.o.i.: maillot jaune
the minister of information: white hat, black hat, yellow jersey
the minister of information: flance to wear zero for prologue

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