Friday, October 26, 2007

universal symbols for dinosaur piss

Californians weary of wildfires will now wish for water, as if the parched region hasn't wanted for water all summer. This time it'll be drinking water. Or bath water. Or water to wash the ash from the window. The town of Ramona, California, is now without water, having used it all to fight the Witch fire.

Much of Southern California will be forced to drink their own urine in the coming decades because use rates are far exceeding the amount of imported water and storm water recharge available to the region. Luckily it's possible to drink your own urine, but to make the idea more palatable to consumers, it's best to use the 'recycled' water (read very highly treated urine) to recharge groundwater and then pump older, more 'pristine' water for use. If the travel times are long enough, you can think of it as drinking dinosaur piss, which doesn't seem as bad as drinking your neighbors'.
universal symbol for dinosaur piss
out of water
drinking piss

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