Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hat's off

Let's talk hats. We all wear them and maybe more than we should. Joe Torre is changing his hat soon although we don't know yet what his new one will be. I was hoping that it might be a Cardinals hat, but it looks as though LaRussa is ready to ink a deal for another 2 years.

The above hat was given out during Armed Services Appreciation Day at the K this past summer. It's light color makes this hat a fine for working outdoors when the sun is blazing and you're likely to work up a sweat. It's flimsy construction is an apt metaphor for how much we really do appreciate our Armed Services once they're done serving. Trex, the inimitable Rare West Tibetan Mountain Dog, found this hat irresistible one day and his teeth marks are still visible in the brim.

Now that the weather's begun to turn I suspect this hat might see more use in the coming months. It's fleece - a better use of pop bottles has yet to be found! This hat is a souvenir of a trip to NYC to see "The Gates". It's decorated with objects found in the city that Rudolph Guilliani likes to call, "the safest big city in the America", logic that only makes sense if you choose to discount the incident where the crazy fucks drove 2 airplanes into the World's Largest Skyscraper in their attempt to fire the first salvo in what yet may still become World World III. Speaking of twisted logic, our Fearful Leader wants to continue to spend billions (10.7 billion next year alone) on an antiquated missile defense system that he thinks will save Europe from an Iranian nuclear missile strike but you can be assured such a missile system won't be able to take down rogue airplanes nor missiles but none of that ever seems to matter to the Republicans who waste your tax dollars and line the pockets of the military industrial complex.

Said Bush, "it ain't rocket science". He's right. It's not. Rocket science has been around for about 100 years. It's not that difficult. We send rockets up all the time. To the moon. And back. To the farthest reaches of the solar system. Rocket science we can do.

Missile defense is something else. That's something we can't do. Perhaps it should occur to Bush that diplomacy might be another way to resolve conflicts besides wagging your tail and drooling.
m.o.i.: hat's off
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