Friday, April 30, 2010

katrina 2.0

I was thinking (hoping?) this oil rig collapse surely couldn't be that big of a deal until I saw these NASA images of the 75 km slick bearing down on the birdsfoot delta region of Lousiana. This may become known as Katrina version 2.0 for the amount of damage to beaches, wetlands, and tourism that it may cause.

m.o.i.: season to risk

"Season to risk", 2010. Acrylic, paper, duct tape on found object, dimensions vary slightly, ~1"x1"x10" 15 multiples.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

researchers sudue, kill giant worm

Researchers from the University of Idaho captured, subdued, and then killed a giant earthworm that feeds on prairie remnants. The worm, Driloleirus americanus, has rarely has been sighted. Locals say the pink worm, some of which have been purported to reach lengths of 9 feet, smells like a Lily. The Palouse earthworm's translucent skin allows the few who have ever seen one to watch the giant worm chew productive soils to pieces and then shit them out. Thousands of acres of native prairie lands have been destroyed in the last century in the Palouse earthworm region.

Another worm, taken in the same raid, was subdued with a stun gun, is currently being held hostage at a remote laboratory. It's unclear what the researchers are demanding in return but additional funding is believed to be central to their request.

Image of Palouse earthwork by Kelly Weaver, University of Idaho

Sunday, April 25, 2010

river otter day

Unless I'm counting cards at the Black Jack table I'm generally not a fan of casinos. Occasionally though, they seem to do the right thing such as helping to sponsor River Otter Day. River Otter Day isn't really about otters but more about the Missouri River and riverfront development both of which could use some help. There have been some significant improvements in Kansas City's riverfront in the past 5 years. I suspect before the next decade passes we might even see a restaurant or two that overlooks the river. Not sure what the city has to do to develop a marina downtown but it could be as simple as rerouting the few barges that still use the Big Muddy to the Mississippi.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

t-rex returns, recycling begins

T-Rex returned to Union Station just in time to find out that Prairie Village has finally started a curbside recycling program.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

visual reviews of aural entertainment: rock paper scissors

Rock Paper Scissors.
4 April 2010. House Party, KCMO; attendance ~150

visual reviews of aural entertainment: taylor swift

Taylor Swift
@ the sprint center, KCMO. 3 April 2010; attendance, ~15,000.

Friday, April 2, 2010

if i had you

Thursday, April 1, 2010

obamas secretly prepare for new world order

Think about it. An organic garden to feed the first family, some bees to produce honey, a hen house, and a rabbit hutch in the east garden—it can only mean one thing. Michelle Obama has been stockpiling the means to make her family self-sufficient. And given the mood of the right, she'd better hurry before they storm the castle.

Couple the First Lady's penchant for home cooking with Biggie O's penchant to always be surrounded by a cadre of weapon-toting, highly trained killers (who have ready access to a few thousand rounds of ammo) and you can see this family is set to maintain residency in the big white house indefinitely.

Revelation! During the coming apocalypse, the President will have the entire US military at his command.

If this liberal, healthy-eating-habit, forced agenda isn't stopped soon, America's ready access to Twinkies, incentive payments for high-fructose corn syrup production, and $1.99 whole roasted chickens could be threatened. The next thing you know, these Marxists will expect that all American children deserve a decent education and their parents a living-wage job. Beware! Univeral health care and tax increases will surely follow.