Thursday, October 25, 2007

our most important asset

Hey, if you're rich and a movie mogul then when wildfires threaten your home you can call your very own Dreamworks Fire Department and have them douse your home with flame retardants. Once the wildfire threat has past and then when it rains, all those flame retardants can wash off your home and into the creeks and waterways used by the rest of the world who keep your dreams alive by watching the Shrek you produce. Let's replace our ecosystem with a cartoon.

But if you're not-so-rich, that also means that you're not-so-important, and you might want to try alternative methods for saving your home.

The result.

Quotes of the day.
George Bush, "you're doing a heckuva job Arnold."
Michael Brown, "I'm available for interviews."

m.o.i.: our most important asset
universal symbol for dinosaur piss
m.o.i.: busted out the stall

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