Saturday, August 18, 2007

the 2-mile high club

You can read the latest trials and tribulations of Flance in this week's edition of PLAY magazine (an insert in the Sunday NYTimes).

Flance, who was a world champion mountain biker before he sold his soul to the devil, recently finished 2nd the the Leadville Race Across the Sky - a 100-mile mountain bike race in the upper peaks of the Colorado Rockies. Leadville, a town that practically invented the endurance event, hosts 5 separate ultramarathons all of which take place at an altitude of over 10,000 feet. Just to give you an idea of how difficult these races are, the 100-mile mountain bike race has over 14,000 feet of gain - which also means that it has over 14,000 miles of descent! Whao Nelly, hang onto those bars.

If you think you're a real badass, then you might want to try for the Leadman or Leadwoman award. To be eligible, first you'll have to pony up the $500 entry fee just for the priviledge of trying and then, you will have to complete all five of the following events in one season AND you will have to complete then within a restricted time limit.

*26.2 mile Marathon.

*100 mile Trail run.

*100 Mountain Bike Race.

*50 mile Mountain Bike Race.

*10K Trail Run.

Oh, and if you get bored and want some more ultramarathon action above 10,000 feet then come back for the 20-mile snow shoe race in January or 21-mile pack burro race in August.

Photo: apologies to Larry Sultan

m.o.i.: the 2-mile high club
m.o.i.: white hat, black hat, yellow jersey
m.o.i.: maillot jaune
m.o.i.: corporate money
m.o.i.: flance to wear zero for prologue
m.o.i.: you've lost that lovin' feeling
m.o.i.: give it up


Anonymous said...

I was SOOOO going to forward you this NY Times article yesterday...And then I got distracted. If you want to go and visit him at his home when you visit, I will happily drive you there.

Anonymous said...

The Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race was more fun to be at than usual because of Landis. he really pushed the 4 time champ, Dave Wiens who now has a 5th championship (consecutive). Wiens set a new record and Landis came in 1 1/2 minutes later (beat all previous winning times).