Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Admit it; you were keeping score. And we won!  Our treasure trove of gold, silver, and bronze was prime-time worthy. American women won 27 gold medals, as many as the entire country of Great Britain, more than China, 40 percent more than Russia. The Rio Olympics turned watching gymnastics—once shunned as the Cold-War provenance of Eastern Europe—into a Red State, core family value.  Provided one had the requisite cable provider to be able to tune in.
Unlike state-sponsored sporting events that demand a return on investment, art should never try to be popular. Sports are Collectivism. Art is Individualism. As Oscar Wilde noted, the great value of art is that it disturbs us and disintegrates the fixed idea.  And therein lies the rub.

Despite the protestations of some, and with the encouragement of others, we are moving forward.  On Labor Day we will hoist the flag, raise the barber pole, and proclaim: CUT YOUR HAIR IN THE SOCIALIST STYLE! A series of programs will thereafter ensue.

Program #1. The Disconnected Undercut.
Where: The Drugstore KC, 3948 Main St, Kansas City, MO 64111
In the barber chairs: Charlotte St Fellows Dylan Mortimer and Misha Kligman
Convening at 6:30pm (light socialist snacks and beverages). Barbering and discussion begins promptly at 7pm.
Topics for discussion during this performance (fixed ideas these are not). Who’s your favorite socialist: Jesus, Pope Francis, or Bernie Sanders?  Your least favorite: Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump?  Sports as collectivism.  Art as individualism. Banners, slogans, and apartment art: untitled conceptualism in the face of oligarchy. alt-socialism.  Solidarity and love. The price of a decent haircut. The tyranny of dialogue.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Fall Event Guide

Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style is part of Ink Magazine's Fall Event guide. Butts in the barber chair is just around the corner.Coming soon.#cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle

Saturday, August 27, 2016

As seen in the parking lot of Scandanavian-based department store. The one where they shift some of the burden of assemblage back to the consumer in order to make the price of goods less expensive.  Car in parking lot of Scandinavia-based company. Love the contrasting sticker for community radio. #cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle

Friday, August 26, 2016

Little Free Library

Your neighbor little free library is another example of #cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle
The sharing economy is #cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Sharpen Your Scissors!

It’s not always easy being a socialist. Sometimes it’s work.
Here’s some of the research we’ve been examining over the summer as we prepare to Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style.

A sampling of our summer reading list.
  • Black Liberation and Socialism. Ahmed Shawki. Haymarket Books, 2006. 
  • Atomic City: the Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win WWII. Denise Kiernan. Touchstone, 2014. 
  • The Ransom of Russian Art. John McPhee. McMillian. 1994. 
  • Hairdresser and Barbershop Signs in Africa. Nataša Njegovanović Ristić. Exhibition catalogue. 2009. 
  • Thinking with Type. Ellen Lupton. Princeton Architectural Press. 2010. 
  • A Peoples Art History of the United States. Nicolas Lambert. The New Press. 2013. 
  • All of Us or None of US: Social Justice Posters from the San Francisco Bay Area. Lincoln Cushing. Heyday. 2012.

And what would summer be without a few movies? Here’s some that have been informing our progress.
  • The Propaganda Game. Director, Álvaro Longoria. 2015. 
  • Barbershop: The Next Cut. Director, Malcolm D. Lee. 2016. 
  • Do The Right Thing. Director, Spike Lee. 1989. 
  • Welcome to Leith. Directors, Michael Beech Nichols & Christopher K. Walker. 2015. 
  • The Russian Woodpecker. Director, Chad Garcia. 2015. 
  • Sausage Party, Directors, Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon, 2016.
Visit your local library for resources and follow our progress on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr, and Blogger at #cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

The Bard did.

He cut his hair in the socialist style. the.bard.did

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Are You Doing All You Can?

Cut Your Hair in the Socialist Style #cutyourhairinthesocialiststyle

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