Monday, October 8, 2007

acquiring a taste for bioaccumulation

I never liked tuna salad, or at least the kind of tuna salad that confronted me as a child, and can still be found in diners across America. You know. Some canned tuna, diced gherkins, celery, maybe some onion and a hard-boiled egg, then everything tossed with mayonnaise and served with a slice of iceberg lettuce on toasted white bread. I dunno, perhaps even as a small child I could taste the mercury.

But as an adult, I've found that by deconstructing tuna salad, and then rearranging the ingredients in combinations more to my palate, then tuna salad is more agreeable. Down right good, in fact. Probably still has a bit of mercury, but at the price of really good tuna and our sinking dollar, I can't afford enough of it to worry much about any toxic effects that might accrue from bioaccumulation. Parking lot sealants - now that's something that really scares me. Parking lot sealants are killing moi.
For the deconstructed tuna salad, mix or match the following:

Pan-seared sashami grade tuna on toasted sesame bread.

7-minute hard boiled eggs.

Medley of sweet peppers. baby portabella mushrooms, and
kalamata olives glazed with a garlic, tarragon, and balsamic reduction.

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