Saturday, July 5, 2008

trex reviews: modern dog

Trex, the initable Rare West Tibetan Mountain, picked up a copy of moderndog:the lifestyle magazine for modern dogs, during a visit to the vet. He spares no bark in this review.

The mag had me howling for the moon. I mean come'on, Ellen? with her favorite bitch at her side. Who doesn't love that?

Although I did find the article "When Good Dogs Go Bad" a little over-the-top. Sure genes are part of it, but education is the key. I'm not talking the dog's either. Some of the people that call themselves pet-owners, don't have the sense to own a cat, much less a dog. And the article about reducing your dog's eco-footprint! Jeez, sell the SUV you dolt, and quit worrying about tracking my carbon footprint into the house. As my pal Triumph likes to say, "I poop on you."

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