Tuesday, July 22, 2008

mr340 river race update no.15

mr340 river race update no.15

Mixed tandem and cutest couple (?) winners Jana Shannon (Durham, NC) and Mike Massey (Bellingham, WA) of Immersing Ourselves. They came from opposite coasts, had no expectations of placing, got to the first checkpoint in the lead and never looked back. They seemed to be more relaxed than most folks I met, although I only saw them at the start and finish, so who knows the demons they had to conquer on the water. They certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves and not taking things too seriously, but yet had the quiet resolve of someone who knits their own rugby socks. Winning? Oh that was an unexpected surprise.

Men's tandem winners, "Cattledrive" If you see 2 Texicans in your rear view mirror in this race, move river right and yield. That cracking you hear, it's not your ribs, it's a bullwhip. Move along, get 'em up. In rain and wind and weather keep them dogies rollin'.

Women's tandem winners Tabatha Adkins (Gower, MO) and Chris Jump (Lawrence, KS) of RED2[squared]. Notice the dazed look of sleep deprivation. This will disappear in about 12 hours; the hair color won't.


Jana said...

Thanks for blogging the race, and for that excellent Eggers except. And, you win the prize for apt metaphor: not only do I knit, but I also play rugby! We had a great time at the race, mostly. Except for maybe the Lisbon Bottoms, and for me the early mornings were rough....but dawn and dusk on the water certainly made up for that.

Warrior Ant Press Worldwide Anthill Headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. said...

Well, one knew that quiet resolve came from somewhere. I would only be surprised if you felted and played water polo.

I'd like to hear more about your Lisbon Bottoms experience since I'm one who likes to encourage folks to go through there. I can see your tandem having problems with the inflow and outflow structures.

Interesting for me, is how difficult the proper channel can be to navigate through there given the way the corps has strung wing dikes about 3/4's across the river. Having done it a number of times, it still confuses me. Perhaps I should sleep more when attempting it. At night, goodness, I've beached on the sand river right and thought... what in the world?

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