Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mr340 river race update no.6

mr340 race update no.6 - smiley face

Lot's of people who do this race are fond of smiley faces in blog posts. For some reason they love them. Smiley faces with tears, with expressions of surprise!, smiley faces taking a bath, smiley faces riding a motorcycle. You name it, there seems to be a smiley where an adjective would do. They distribute them wildly, thrown like candy from the back of a parade float, like m & m's to a sick child, like free drinks on a bartender's last day on the job.

I submit. I'm tired. It's hot. I'm sleep and coffee-deprived. Here's a smiley face to add to your collection.
real-time race results

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Anonymous said...

But this is when the the good hallucinations appear ;)