Thursday, July 24, 2008

mr340 river race update no. 17

mr340 rivermiles update no. 17

Some of the peeps in and around this year's event.

The last two finishers were in a beautiful boat they'd built themselves and were still learning how to pilot it when the race begin.

Two of my favorite rivermiles smiley faces, Travis and Karin. Travis saw me after my 'swim in the river" and had the decency not to laugh out loud.

scott rivermiles, The master of ceremony.

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Anonymous said...

Read your whole mo 340 journal. Very well done. Like the night-time stuff! Moon over Miami????I've written reams about paddling at night! (The mandatory cell phone was borrowed as I don't know how to use one, and wrapped in plastic and stored deep in my hold so it couldn't bother me!
Nighttime silence makes philosophers of us all! That's when the universe speaks to us....everything else is just poor translation.
Chuck McHenry