Thursday, July 17, 2008

mr340 river race update no.11

mr340 river race. update no.11
This might be our last post for awhile. The batteries, both the OLPC notebook and mine are in serious need of recharging. We may just have to wait till St.Charles and not post till sometime on Saturday. The leader board should let you know if we've finished.

We're trying to track down a persistent, yet unconfirmed rumor, that keeps getting passed downriver and upriver like power-bar gas. Seems like what originated as good-natured banter between some of the more testosterone-riddled men's tandem teams eventually escalated until the teams took turns hurling captain's bottles at each others boats. For the river-unininiated, a captain's bottle is a bottle of whiz, done on the go, and apparently these tandem teams were trading plastic captains bottles with loosened lids as though they were water-balloons. One can only imagine the rage of getting bombed by one of these would tend to inspire, especially in 90-degree heat. Sounds a bit like a bloody lot of footballers, if you ask me.

All of that piss and vinegar got me to thinking about the only non-human (not counting the lonestar state paddling machines) who's ever competed in the mr340 and that would your friend and mine, Trex, the rare West Tibetan Mountain Dog. Trex loves to mark things as well. If only he were here to hike his leg on some unsuspecting rednecks. That'd be perfect.

real-time race results


tachymeter.of.information said...

as one of the lucky few who is on the special text list: here are the updates from moi himself:

herman 1700. leaving 4 washington @ 1900

Anonymous said...

Congrads to the Minister for finishing the race. We await the noted reflections on the paddling.

The Mighty Mo has nothing on MOI!

Anonymous said...

Text Message:
St. Charles 3days. 4 mins.
sent July 18, 08 (Fri)8:32am

tachymeter.of.information said...

WE ARE PROUD. moi is safe and has laughed in the face of 339 miles of river yet again.
also, congrats for breaking a personal record.
love from toi.