Tuesday, July 15, 2008

mr340 river race update no.2

mr240 race update no.2 - the start

This is how it begins. You start with a confluence, in this case the Kansas and the Missouri Rivers, a city, and some people willing to get in a boat and paddle. For a while. Pretty simple stuff when you get down to it.

What else. Throw in some Lewis and Clark re-enactors, some tough-as-nails sailors, some Amazonians, some people out to prove something to others, to themselves, some looking for adventure, some for solace, some for a difficult journey, some to perservere. I guess since we're ending this year at the Lewis and Clark Boathouse in St. Charles I can put up with the re-enactors. Everyone else makes sense.

Throw in a dj. Ok, definitely not as cool as LL, but still a dj. But a dj at 7 o'clock in the morning. Rich even by my taste.

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