Thursday, July 10, 2008

mr340: the warrior ant press women's solo division

Things to do with your economic stimulus check from El Presidento Bush. Contribute to a campaign to have Bush and Dick "the Dick" Cheney impeached; probably a little late in the term for that to stick even after we find out that Cheney's office worked to alter EPA documents to minimize the human impacts of global climate disruption, "Data isn't fact" for this administration, even if it's the data from 99.8 percent of the scientists who study the issue.

Or you could donate the money to a not-for-profit (may I be so bold so as to suggest the fine folks at Habitat ReStore?) Sustainability times 3.

Or you could underwrite the women's solo division of the 2008 MR340 river race, the longest canoe/kayak/surfski race in the world. The Chief Financial Officer of WAP, who's been silly enough to do the race since it's inception, endorsed his check to the fine folks at RiverMiles (the race organizers) and is now a corporate big-wig and sponsor of the MR 340 Warrior Ant Press Women's Solo Division. We built that huge office building for a reason! To house the Warrior Ants.

The women's solo division is shaping up to be a battle between the defending champion and favorite, Texan, Erin "One Woman, Focused and Driven" Magee, and the upstart phenom, Katie Pfefferkorn. Last year they finished one-two and some are speculating this could be the year of the youngster. But Magee will not go easily. Erin has finished first in 10 straight Texas Water Safari's (affectionately called "the toughest canoe race in the world"). Nine of those first place finishes were solo, one was tandem. Erin also set the MR340 women's solo record of 55 hours 33 minutes in her first MR340, blasting 42 hours off the 2006 record.

But in 2007, Pfefferkorn, in only her second year of competitive kayaking, and at half the age of Magee, finished a strong second shaving 40 hours off her 2006 and finishing a mere 3 1/2 behind the stalwart Magee. Pfefferkorn has traded up to a full-on racing canoe this year and it might be the difference. Will power and determination could be the deciding factor between them.

Participants in The Warrior Ant Press MR340 Women's Solo Division.
Karen Exon, Topeka, KS #3333
Jamie Freeman, Cape Girardeau, MO #4044
Carol Heddinghaus, Rolla, MO #3907
Hillary Kelly, Leavenworth, KS, #8814
Erin Magee, Martindale, TX #4971
JoJo Newbold, St. Louis, MO #5656
Katie Pfefferkorn, Ottumwa, IA, #1459

1st Place. $500
2nd Place. $100
3rd Place. $50

Images. Upper. Dawn Keller before the start of 2006 MR340.
Bottom. Byran Hopkins and Katie Pfefferkorn @ Kaw Point, start of 2006 MR340.
erin magee on race fit 2 paddle
ny times on the texas water safari
pfefferkorn in the columbia missourian
profiles of three 2008 racers in se missourian
profiles of six 2007 racers in se missourian


Anonymous said...

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We'd love your tax stimulus and we enjoy other forms of stimulation: Volunteers, Donors of surplus and gently used building and construction suplies, furniture, and appliances, and customers. ReStore is located at 520 South 55th Street in Kansas City, Kansas 66106 Hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 10a to 6pm. Call 913.596.6597.

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Jayne said...

Good luck! I love the comment on the Rivermiles website: "This ain't no mama's boy float trip." I live in Lexington, and I'll be watching for ya. Take care.