Saturday, July 12, 2008

pull down the martha shade

We at Warrior Ant Press are losing our patience with the whole Obama campaign fake rhethoric of "oh my! I can't do that, it might offend someone. Got to vote for warrantless-wiretapping cause the suburban moms might not vote for me. Bernie Mac. Dude. Such raunchy humor from a black man, tone in down."

Come on. F_that. Let's get some backbone here and standup for what needs to be done in this country.

I'm with Martha Shade. Be a damn progessive or be a Republican. We got enough spineless Democrats already.

Here's some Bernie Mac for you. Listen to it. Laugh. And tell Obama to get jiggy widit or expect to be McGruff the Crime Dog's bitch come November.

Photo credit: Martha Shade by Brian Lee, NY Times.

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Itumpi Hafren said...

Go for it Martha - another vote for Cynthia and Rosa - hurray!