Wednesday, July 30, 2008

bush fails obama's final exam

Recently a number of Obama's class notes from his days teaching Harvard Law School have been released. No doubt some members of the right, who haven't read a book in a decade, will try to find some information in the course syllabus and Obama's notes to his students to try and convince others that Barack is a gay communist Muslim. These would be the same right-wingers who lack the intellectual capacity to understand why it's not possible to be gay and communist and a Muslim, but really, I'm giving the Limbaughites way too much credit.

But imagine, just for a moment if you will, if we had a President - right now! right this very moment!- in the Oval Office who had actually attended classes during college, much less had the intellectual prowess to teach a subject? Imagine that.

Perhaps the train wreck could have been avoided? We still have time to impeach the idiot.

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