Wednesday, July 16, 2008

mr340 river race update no. 5

mr340 river race. update no.5

These are the fluids consumed during the first 24 hours -- 12 liters of h2o and 8 liters of go juice. That may be the most difficult aspect of the race, staying hydrated and figuring out how to get potable water and what I call GO JUICE, or more affectionately, the stuff that keeps you from dying. It's my own blend of Gatorade (the powdered form and NO!, I don't sniff it), Accelerade (a Gatorade with protein that tastes like chalk), fruit/vegetable juice blend, and H20. Mixing all of these things together makes for a grayish-purplish liquid that's palatable. And keeps the cramps at bay. A leg cramp in a kayak is more than a drag.

real-time race results

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