Friday, November 9, 2007

reward offered in clinton tip case

For immediate release.

Warrior Ant Press announced today that it's offering a reward for anyone who can solve the mystery of the missing $100 tip that Senator Clinton purportedly left during a campaign event in Iowa. A hundred dollar bill would buy a lot of loose-meat sandwiches but no one knows what happened to money. The server, Anita Esterday, was interviewed on NPR's morning edition and claimed she received no tip beyond, "Vote for Me."

Clinton campaign staffers, big tippers always, because they really understand the working class and because apparently they make lots of money serving in the public interest sector and have money to burn, claim to have left a $100 bill - which disappeared faster than the loose-meat sandwiches. So pray tell. What happened? Was it recalled like a million pounds of E.coli laced ground beef? Swiped by a Republican? Did Brad Crawford, manager of the Toledo Maid-Rite, keep the proceeds for himself?

You solve the mystery of who stole Hillary Clinton's $100 and m.o.i. @ Warrior Ant Press will donate $100 to the campaign of a rival Democratic candidate. Heck, we've feeling generous today. We'll double the reward. Make it $200.

m.o.i.:who stole hillary's bill

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