Friday, November 9, 2007

dems to bush/cheney

no, F-you!

Whoa, Congress has finally over-ridden a veto of El Presidente Bush. The Water Resources Development Act, an act which has a lot more to do with development than water resources, was the first. Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri was one of only 2 Democrats to vote against the override. Pork rind Republican Kit Bond, who loves special interests almost as much as the sauce, supported the bill. Outside of K-Street, no American, including members of Congress who voted for it, has actually been able to read the bill.

In a nod to sanity, the last earmark to be included in the bill was a provision that would send a case of bottled water to every registered voter in the all-important, but parched states of the Deep South. Residents are advised that the contents of one bottle should be used to water their lawns.

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