Sunday, November 4, 2007


Whoa! The Hollywood writers strike hasn't even begun to take it's massive toll on the fragile psyche of Americans who struggle with the news - Benazir Bhutto or President Musharaff, "What's the proper choice?" Thankfully, today there's Church followed by the Game of the Century to keep our feeble minds occupied lest we begin to read magazines, or worst yet, novels, for entertainment. But tomorrow. What then?

With writers sidelined, tv executives are scrambling to replace the void on your plasma screens with something that can keep you entertained for at least as long as 'name this photo' (see below, BackRub).

Here's just some of what you can expect in the coming weeks:

H.S. The series
H.S. The Series is a one hour drama about an Executive Action Group or EAG within the Department of Homeland Security. Behind the politics, the press and the debate over how homeland security should be handled are the men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe. At the spearhead is the EAG who use whatever necessary to defend their homeland. The full extent of government and military resources at their fingertips, this team led by Agent Jack Callahan and Andrea Bacall, must identify, track and eliminate any potential danger.
Homeland, the series is said to be a huge favorite at the White House.

Camp Flickr. In this ground-breaking episode, Katy Clark, returns to Camp Xray only to find it overgrown with ghosts of the past and many former camp mates now exiled overseas. TV execs are said to be especially fond of this series because it tests an entirely new programming approach that eliminates writers altogether from television programming - something they've been trying to accomplish for decades. One critic said, "Camp Flickr has all the charm of home movies without the overcooked roast beef, dry potatoes, and mushy peas."
Camp Flickr

BackRub. Reality series about how the real new money relaxes at work (NOT AFTER). Set in the Googleplex, this zany, inside look at the 24/7/365 world of googleites (as they call themselves) treats viewers to the process of how new google products go from the game room to the board room to your cell phone. Some have called it Paradise Hotel meets Laguana Beach with amples doses of chai, organic mesclun (dressing on the side!), and free-ranging dogs. There's plenty of beach volleyball, heartbreak, and irreverence to keep the show moving forward. One favorite is when we get a sneak peek of the closet where a bank of computers continuously scrolls thousands of 'inappropriately' flagged images that google programmers have learned to pull off web sites and post for their own lubricious pleasures all while coaxing back rubs from one another during breaks. The door closes and we hear moans, sighs, and laughter, but we don't know if it's the programmers or the programmed.
Stay tuned.

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