Friday, November 23, 2007

bush officials abandon sinking ship

Former White House press secretary Scott McCellan has become the latest Bush administration official to abandon the sinking administration. McCellan, who's publishing a book about what's it's like to tell bald-faced lies on national television, stated that he was just repeating the lies told to him by Bush, Cheney, and Rove.

The following day, his apologist editor was web-spinning like Spiderman to downplay the incident. Once written, words are hard to recall, and a little controversy always help to sell the product. Even if Rove and Cheney duped the boy, we have another line of evidence that El Presidento is misinformed on the issues and incompetent as a leader. Somehow Republicans view this as a stand-in for exoneration whereas the rest of America continues to view the last 7 years as an embarrassment and frequently find themselves quoting the title of McCellan's book, "What Happened?"

Breaking news: Harbormasters in the vicinity of the sinking ship have reported that thousands of rats are now swimming ashore.

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