Friday, November 16, 2007

mistrial declared in 'tweety bird case

A Galveston jury could not reach a verdict in the trial of James M. Stevenson, who was accused of stalking, shooting, and killing cats near his home.

Stevenson, born E. T. Fudd, has also long been suspected of masterminding a series of brutal, unprovoked attacks on one of his neighbors. Apparently, Stevenson and the neighbor, a Mr. Wascally Wabbitt, had a long-running feud of unknown origins. However, the government could never convince a grand jury that the actions of Fudd weren't provoked by the irrational behavior of the neighbor and Fudd was never charged in the attacks. The government's case was additionally hampered because Wabbit refused to testify against Fudd, saying he (Wabbitt) preferred to handle the problem on his own terms.

After the election of Sam Yosemite as Sheriff, a new plan was hatched to rid Galveston of the vigilante Stevenson. In May, 2007, a Ms. Tweety Bird was enlisted to lure a pussy by the name of Sylvester into the open near Mr. Stevenson's home. Agents hoped to pounce on Stevenson before he had a chance to shoot Sylvester. Unfortunately, the plan went awry when Sylvester apparently grabbed Ms. Tweety Bird and stuffed her in his mouth. Sensing the bird was in imminent danger, Mr. Stevenson, shot the cat and freed the bird. Agents charged Stevenson with felony animal cruelty in that case. However, jurors were unable to reach a verdict on the charge and Judge Judy was forced to declare a mistrial.

Several jurors who voted for acquited and who spoke publicly after the mistrial felt that Mr. Stevenson had acted in the best interest of the bird when he shot and killed the cat. Mr. Stevenson was quoted as saying, "no matter how looney it may seem, the cat deserved it."

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