Wednesday, November 28, 2007

good answer

Those nutty Republicans. What will they think of next? A YouTube debate?

After the debate, if you can possibly figure out which one of these gentleman is the most white, the most Christian, and not the Devil (good luck), and you live in North Carolina, and if you still want to vote for one of them, well, first you'll have to take a pledge of allegiance to the Grand Ole Party.

"One nation under God." Right answer.

The next test is waterboarding! GOP asks the questions and you supply the answers (we know you will). Hey, if John Asscrotch is willing to be waterboarded in defense of freedom, then you should be too. Except, wait, when Asscrotch had his chance to try water-boarding, he had an assistant at the Justice Department do it, "just to see what it felt like." Bosses are still torturing their subordinates on the job, and it's still legal. When will it end?

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