Saturday, November 3, 2007

dick cheney shakes hands with the devil

Vice-President, Dick "the Dick" Cheney, fresh from his killing spree (see m.o.i.:cheney killing spree),some communion with the afterlife during which he was reported to have placed an El Dia de los Muertos alter on his bedroom bureau which included his official VP portrait (see m.o.i.: celebrate), was recently captured by paparazzi shaking hands with the devil. It's not hard to imagine the paparazzi also being in the company of the devil, however Cheney, surprised by the flashbulbs, was reportedly to have said, "get the fuck out of my bunker before I shoot your ass" to the TMZ photogs.

But one things is for sure. The devil isn't so dumb afterall.

m.o.i.dick cheney shakes hands with the devil

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