Saturday, December 8, 2007

a chubby for war

Vice-President Dick "the Dick" Cheney was in Kansas City yesterday, Pearl Harbor Day. The Dick, as those who work for him like to call him, was in town trying to raise money for more military mayhem, thus his stop at the most phallic (complete with testicles) of all U.S. war monuments, the Liberty Memorial. After some chest thumping by his doctor, Cheney was given the ok to strip into his skivvies and run naked in the snow. The WorldWide Headquarters of Warrior Ant Press located just a few blocks away from the event, noticed that in the short time that the VP was in town, the skyies darkened considerably over the city, a cold, bitter wind came down from the north, and at least 25 people were killed in attacks in Iraq.

m.o.i.: dick cheney shakes hands with the devil
m.o.i.: one life to live
m.o.i.: cheney's bunker revealed!
m.o.i.: impeach the dick

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