Monday, December 3, 2007

xmas, where x = green

Holiday decorations are down this year. Lot's of reasons, choose one: 1) sub-prime mortgage collapse; 2) stagnating economy; 3) colder than normal weather; 4) warmer than normal weather; 5)the writer's strike ;6) grumpiness. Could be any of those reasons. Doesn't matter, they're down, and holidays are suffering because of it. Don't fret. There's still plenty of time for a remedy.

In the old days, the remedy for the holiday blues might be a few glasses of eggnog, Nat Cole, or a drive around town to see the lights. Yeah, lights. Crazy yard displays. As long as we don't have to put them up, take them down, or deal with the traffic, they are great. Except yard lights aren't very environmentally sensitive, but there are still plenty of 'em of there. And here's how you can take advantage of them, without adding to the carbon budget.

To save gas and to spread a little holiday cheer WARRIOR ANT PRESS is officially announcing Xmas, where x = green. Xmas,where x = green is a carbon neutral holiday lights tour that requires no car trips around town to complete and view. It also doesn't consume any more resources than what's already out there in the public display. Warrior Ant Press has been documenting and posting holiday displays for the last several weeks on our website. These we discover during dog walks, work commutes, and weekly errands. We document them with our digi-cam, post them on a web-sharing site, and then feed them to our blog. We will continue to add to this display throughout the season and now we're inviting your participation. And it's so easy. Easier than shopping for your dad.

Here's how it works.

First. Document your own holiday display. Or walk around your neighborhood, town, or village and document the BEST displays of others. You know where they are and if you don't then by walking around town, you'll soon find out. They don't have to be extravagant. Some of best displays are the most simple. Alternatively, you can capture 'displays of opportunity' during your holiday travels. But if you have to drive 30 minutes out of the way to see it and document it, then you're defeating the carbon neutral purpose.

Be creative with your photos. Just keep them on topic. You can try to capture the one, true essence of the display. Or you can go for the panoramic view.

Please avoid overtly commercial displays. Where x=green is about another green altogether than money.

Second. Post the photos on Flickr or Picasa with the tag "carbon neutral xmas lights tour". Your photos will be appearing within a few minutes.

You can also setup your own slideshow on your blog and feed these same photos by choosing the keywords option instead of the user option. Use the keyword "carbon neutral xmas lights tour" and soon your sites will be displaying all the slides with that tag.


Peace, Joy, and Prosperity to you this Holiday Season,

the staff @ Warrior Ant Press

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