Sunday, December 2, 2007

huckabee to headline halftime show

Everything that is hard to obtain is easily assailed by the mob - Ptolemy.

The primary system is much like the Bowl Championship Series, largely serving a demographic - white, rural, and wealthy - that continues to exert a greater extent on the politics of the country than they rightfully deserve. So on January 3rd, when Iowans shuffle home from their precinct meetings, after having caucused on the future of about 1 percent of the delegates to the national conventions, the country will have suffered through nearly 30 bowl games, more bowl games than presidential debates. Regardless, within a few days of the New Year, no one will be the wiser as who will occupy the highest office in the land or who holds title to No. 1. Most won't care.


iowa straw poll results

huckabee to headline orange bowl halftime show

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