Saturday, December 15, 2007

snowy day, mountain dog

It's true. Rare West Tibetan Mountain Dogs love the snow. Why? They're from the mountains of West Tibet! It snows there. A lot. And they love packing around on snowy mountain trails.

This spirited Rare West Tibetan Mountain Dog goes crazy when it snows! He's like a 10-year from Florida, rolling around in it, making snow angels, licking it. The only thing I haven't yet seen this dog do with snow is make a snowman. He can definitely catch a snowball. And he can pull a sled. And all he asks in return? A biscuit shaped like Frosty. Sit boy. Sit. Yumm. Yumm.

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Bud said...

The Rare East Tibetan Mountain Dog. Head very similarly shaped. Same texture in fur. Approximately same size. Also enjoys the snow. A wonderful dog. Works hard to break trail for her smaller housemates.

m.o.i.@ warrior ant press said...

There's also the larger Tsang Kyi types of the breed. Check em out.

Bud said...

Which Presidential candidates exhibit the most positive attributes of the Rare East or West Tibetan Mountain Dog? Does it matter?

m.o.i.@ warrior ant press said...

Barack Obama certainly possesses the joie de vivre of the Rare West Tibetan Mountain Dog as well as matching some of this breeds naivete about the world. Because of this, he frequently is labeled as being too young to hold the office of the Presidency, of which I tend to disagree.

Fred Thompson's solemn but kindly appearance underlies an aloofness. He's watchful of strangers and highly protective of people and property. Good manners in a Tibetan Mastiff breed, but not qualifications needed in the Oval Office.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a Eurasier .. are there ants in Tibet???