Friday, December 21, 2007

Chops w Lamb of God Sauce

The Solstice is here and Christmas is just around the corner so this is a time for feasting. Why not Lamb? Here's a simple dish that is perfect for the feast occasion. The sauce is the faith that binds this dish. It's a variant on the classic brown sauce and if you're worried about calories, forget it, is has less than a glass of eggnog and is far more inspirational. Feasts don't have to mean gorging, if you want to gorge on the Holidays I suggest a trip to the mall, sans inhibitions and credit-card-in-tow. You'll be sick for a month and the less wise for it. Feasts mean friends, family, food, and fun.

Chops w/ Lamb of God Sauce

For the chops. Thick cut grass-fed lamb chops.

Lamb of God Sauce.
You will need:
1 quart of Lamb stock (see link below for lamb soup)
1 pint of Shatto Farms Heavy Cream.
Fresh Rosemary to garnish.

Place one quart of lamb stock that has been carefully strained to remove the impurities in a non-oxidizing pan and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for ~30 minutes to reduce the volume to a glaze, approximately 1/4 cup. The goal is to complete and total the essence of the lamb. The final amount of the reduction based upon the initial water content but it should thinly coat a spoon. Careful at the end! If you scorch the reduction you're done. There's no recovery; it's a do over, and a long one.

Just at the point that the lamb glaze comes together add 3 cups of heavy cream. Your sauce pan has to have some room for expansion or you'll have a mess. Whisk the cream, bring to a boil and at this point you'll notice that it wants to foam considerably. Immediately turn down the heat, stirring and occasionally whisking if necessary to prevent a boil over. Once you get past this initial phase, you can turn the heat down to simmer and the sauce will not boil over. Reduce the liquid by half whisking as needed to prevent the sauce from scorching.

Do not bastardize the sauce with binding or thickening agents. It will not break if made properly. Hold the sauce in a warm spot prior to serving. You can even store it overnight in the fridge, glass or stainless steel only, and then gently reheat prior to serving.

Salt and pepper the lamb (you can substitute pork here if you question your faith) chops then grill them for 4 minutes a side. Let stand for a few minutes and serve. Suggested sides.
Snow peas with caramelized ginger.
Baby portabellas poached in zinfandel.
Moon and stars toast points. (Farm-to-market grains galore).

One word for this dish. Divine.

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Bud said...

Reading this makes me salivate. I guess to make this sauce requires me to previously make a lamb roast and save the stock. Love lamb.