Monday, December 24, 2007

wintry mix

Ignoring the advice of Chappe the Chaplain who said, "don't go! don't go! you'll die if you go!" we went anyway. We didn't die, although we did encounter every possible type of winter weather in a 4.5 hour stretch. Snow. Sleet. Freezing rain. Snow pellets. Mixtures of snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain. Such a bummer, having to drive 50 mph on the interstate - even when you life depends upon it - which I suppose it did.

We made it to St. Louis, where if you don't have a restaurant named after you, you're not really a true sports star in this town. In one shopping district alone, there are 3 restaurants named after former or current Cardinal baseball or football players. We opted for Pujols 5, a dynamic American restaurant, which appeared to mean a sports bars cum fine?dining restaurant mixed in with the sounds of Boom! Boom is a disco cover band that rocked the house with a non-stop opening ofBoogie, Woogie, Oogie, Get Down Tonight, Boogie Man, and Brick House. Save something for later? No way! You need a band for your wedding, then this is the one for if you want to get everyone on the dance floor.

Only caution at Pujols 5. Ask for a locally brewed beer here and watch out! they'll bring you a Budweiser.

the sounds of boom

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