Thursday, August 9, 2007

can't touch this*

How good is Barry Bonds?

*Arguably the best hitter in the history of the game. Here's how.

Seven time MVP and 13-time All-Star.

All-time home-run leader @ 757 (and counting).

All-time walks leader @ 2541 (and counting).

All-time intentional walk leader @ 645 (and counting).

Single season MLB records set in 2004. Walks (232), intentional walks (120), on-base pct. (.609), and Home run percent (12.06).

Single season MLB records set in 2001. Home-runs (73), slugging percentage (.863), and home run ratio (6.52).

Only player to ever steal 500 bases and hit 500 home runs.

1,398 extra-base hits , 2nd all-time.

Lifetime .298 batting average.

Lifetime .608 slugging percentage. 6th all-time.

1983 RBI's (and counting). 5th all-time.

2916 hits (and counting).

599 doubles (and counting). all-time.

77 triples (and counting, very, very slowly).

And one of only 7 players to reach base more than 5,000 times. These 7 are:
Pete Rose (5,929 times), Ty Cobb (5,532), Barry Bonds (5,370 - and counting), Rickey Henderson (5,343), Carl Yastrzemski (5,304), Stan Musial (5,282) and Aaron (5,205).

Ok, so you don't like him. He's arrogant, moody, and an asshole. So are some of your friends. Bonds is a ballplayer. A good one. He's probably a better ballplayer than your friends, but it's likely there's things they can do better than anyone else. Being a good ballplayer qualifies you to be, well, a ballplayer. After that you're on your own. Make the most of it.
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Baseball. Marked 757 and signed Barry Bonds, "Catch me now sucka". Not for sale.

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