Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A step in time: 1000 feet

For immediate release.

Warrior Ant Press begins street level action.
Thousands expected to participate.

In an effort to ward off what some have called the pedestrian nature of politics in this country, Warrior Ant Press has embarked upon a campaign to photograph one thousand feet of likely voters in the 2008 election.

Principal photographer on the project, m.o.i., stated, "We want to illustrate exactly how the world moves about. They don't move in limos, nor in jets, they move on their feet. And no, I do not have a foot fetish, and if I can make it through this project without acquiring one, I'll be very happy."

Humor aside, the project has a serious tone. According to a statement released by Conundrum Gallery, co-producer on the project, "We want to show that everyone has a stake in the future of the country and that only by putting our best feet forward can we make the changes needed to restore this country to it's place as a venerated world leader. Because of that, and because of the diversity of this country, we aren't focusing on the few, but the many. Join in the parade, follow in their footsteps, and take it to the streets, as we march onward to a better world."

A step in time: 1000 feet is a follow-up to the acclaimed Some Kind of Blue: A Watershed Story in Parts which showcased portraits of people who live, work, and play in a single watershed.

You can view the first twenty feet of the project and keep a shine on the others as we move on down the road at:
a step in time

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