Saturday, January 12, 2008

candidates choose AmGlad over NPR

Due to a lack of interest among Presidential candidates, NPR has been forced to cancel a scheduled debate next week in South Carolina. Instead, Democrats and Republicans will mix it up in the arena against the cast of American Gladiators, with the last two candidates eventually squaring off in the all-important eliminator round.

Here's a sneak peak on what some of the Gladiators had to say about the pending competition.

Gladiator Cry Wolf on Rudy Guliani

Gladiator Helga on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton

Gladiator Big Chin on Mike Huckabee.

Gladiator Crush on Dennis Kucinich.

Gladiator Stealth on Ron Paul.

Gladiator Justice on Fred Thompson.

Gladiator Siren on Barack Obama.

Gladiator Milita on John McCain.

Gladiator Tao on Mitt Romney.

Gladiator Venom on John Edwards.

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