Sunday, January 6, 2008

favorite psychics

Today Warrior Ant Press is pleased to announce a new feature. We will be profiling some of our favorite psychics over the coming months. Up first is ChiChi the Whispering Chihuahua. ChiChi will interpret your dreams and whisper them back to you. Sounds amazing, and IT IS!

Here's how ChiChi the Whispering Chihuahua works. Dogs have very sensitive hearing, it's much, much better than a humans. In fact the human ear can only hear about 1/10th of what a dog can hear. And Chihuahuas have the most sensitive hearing of all the dog breeds. Even by dog standards, ChiChi has very enhanced hearing, in fact, ChiChi's hearing is so sensitive that he can hear your innermost secrets. Chihuahuas also live for a long time (average life span of 112 years in human years) which enables them to be very wise.

ChiChi works in one of 2 ways and prices for ChiChi's service vary accordingly. In the first method, less reliable, ChiChi sleeps on one your pillows and listens to the chi of the pillow and then responds accordingly. In the second, more expensive method, ChiChi sleeps with you, either on your head, or in more extreme cases, has been known to burrow deep into the covers in search of your innermost secrets. ChiChi then interprets your dreams and reveals the answers to you. It's that simple!

Future psychics to be profiled by Warrior Ant Press include:
- Bob the Wandering Homeless Wonder.
- Shira of your Dreams.
- Jeeves.

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