Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary's comeback to reality

Lot's of talk now about a Hillary comeback. Comeback? From reality? She was ahead in the New Hampshire polls before Iowa and there was only 5 days between Iowa and New Hampshire. Maybe some of those weekend polls were a little off. Or maybe 2 events that got played by the press like there's no tomorrow gave her the boost she needed. First we had the dude with the 'do my ironing' poster, which could have been a mark or a friend of Mike Huckabee for all we know. Then there was the crying jag in the diner. The letter of support from James Carville. If the Clintons know anything, it's how to play the tough game of politics. And if you’re in the White House for 8 years you’ll have lot’s of friends, you may also acquire some enemies, but plenty friends will come your way. And if the possibility exists that you might get to go back to the Big House for another 4 years, then those friends are liable to leap at the chance to sleep another night in the Lincoln Bedroom. I would not be surprised if George Stephanopoulos didn’t send HRC a text message after her touching performance Monday in the diner.

There’s plenty of primary left in the Clintons and they have a machine behind them. Most of us don't want to be crushed by a machine. However, we often have to get out of it's way, even when it's not to our advantage, least we be crushed. But there's also plenty of primary left before the nomination. The contest in New Hampshire was close, she won by less than 8 thousand votes. The majority of votes that went to Edwards and Richardson, would have gone to Obama instead of HRC. February 5th is shaping up to be quite a showdown. Who's going to stand in the way of the machine?

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