Tuesday, January 15, 2008

don't be a dope, pt.3

Lot's of folks are going off right now about the unauthorized Tom Cruise biography and the video where he accepts his lifetime achievement award* and how crazy he is. Really? You sure about that?

I'm not a believer in Scientology but if you watch the video he doesn't really say anything other than this belief system, Scientology, is everything to him. And if you take if all the way, then you'll know it's the real deal and better than anything else. This is same thing that many Christians, especially hardcore, fundamentalist Evangelicals, and Muslims, especially jihadist Muslims believe. "You're either with me or against me; you're either on board or not on board." "We can unite the world." "We can bring world peace." "This is the one way to true knowledge." "We can rehabilitate criminals." "Now is the time!"

If Tom Cruise wants to be a Scientologist, and you don't believe in Scientology, then why should you care what he does?

I will say the background Mission Impossiblesque dub was a nice touch.

*IAS Freedom Medal of Valor [asuming that IAS means international association of Scientology]

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