Tuesday, August 12, 2008

whose fool now?

El Presidento Bush, who's pretty much set the bar on being foolish, is looking even more so these days. One wonders, when he gazed deeply into Vladamir's eyes and liked what he saw, did he see the soul of meglomaniac? One like himself? did he see the idea of world domination? of controlling a large portion of access to oil via the Caspian?

If the President had any political capital that wasn't mired in a Iraqi sand storm, he might have been able to come to the support of the Georgians. But he doesn't. And Russia, bolstered by the increased price of oil, the world's 3rd largest army, and the frenzied minds of people-who-act-like-dictators, is free to act like the Soviets of old while El Presidento Bush stands idly by and waves an Olympic flag.

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Anonymous said...

That strong embrace, the deep look in the eyes...these boys are making me horny.