Friday, August 1, 2008

let's play the race card

No more old geezer white guys in the white house who are afraid of being progressive. No more white males who have to warmonger to prove their manhood. No more honkys who think being American revolves around drinking water-downed beer, listening to bad country music that lacks heart, soul, and honesty, or who think it's more presidential to watch sports on tv than read history, literature, or a graphic novel. No more white dudes who's idea of a graphic novel is 4500 body bags hidden from the eyes of America. No more pasty idiots who try to convince you that being a patriot revolves around wearing a lapel pin and praying to their god but can't see the injustice that lurks on most American street corners, in many classrooms across this country, and in the boardrooms full of corporate malfeasance.

That pretty much leaves out the Republicans in this year's elections. You are now free to vote for the candidate of your choosing.

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