Thursday, September 13, 2007

the price of below average

is a monumnetal FAILURE.

The Mediocre President, "please bear with me."
3 reports out in the last few weeks about how the SURGE is performing.
White House report, released today.
9 benchmarks. Satisfactory improvement.
7 benchmarks. Unsatifactory improvement.
1 benchmark. Mixed results.
Independent Commission on the Security Forces of Iraqi , released Sept. 6.
Chaired by Retired Marine General James Jones.
Overall Iraqi Security Forces. Fail.
Ministry of Defense. Mixed.
Army and Special Forces. Fail.
Air Force. Pass.
Navy Forces. Fail.
Ministry of Interior. Fail.
National Police. Fail.
Border Security. Fail.
Overall Capacity Building. Mixed.
Government Accountablity Office, released Sept. 4.
3 benchmarks. Satisfactory improvement.
11 benchmarks. Unsatifactory improvement.
4 benchmark. Mixed results.
No matter which report you read, the SURGE is failing.

General David Petaeus refused this week to say whether or not America was now safer from the threat of terrorism because he, like the rest of the world, and the government, knows that we aren't.

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