Thursday, October 8, 2009

wilco:visual reviews of audio entertainment

Wilco @ Crossroads KC. Tuesday, Oct. 6rd, attendance ~2500 (sold out)

Previous reviews in the series.
m.o.i.Tim whitmer trio
m.o.i.: people's liberation big band
m.o.i.: eleni mandel
m.o.i.: coner oberst with mystic valley band
m.o.i.: jackie greene
m.o.i.: madeline peyroux
m.o.i.: rufus wainwright
m.o.i.: the wilders @ davey's uptown
m.o.i.: wee snuff
m.o.i.: jametone (j. ashley miller)
m.o.i.: eldar at jardines
m.o.i.: matisyahu @ grinders sculpture park
m.o.i.: eldar @ cccc
m.o.i.: elvis costello and the attractions
m.o.i.: the police
m.o.i.: the swell season
m.o.i.: anne-sophie mutter
m.o.i.: pat metheny trio
m.o.i.: mars volta and isabel bayrakdarian


Anonymous said...

I thought moi was not going to this concert?

Anonymous said...

you the one who started the fb rumor that moi's "poop targets" were nominated for an Ignoble Prize?

there was only, what I like to refer to as, 'an exploratory note', from some graduate assistant.