Sunday, August 16, 2009

avett brothers: visual reviews of aural entertainment

Avett Brothers w/ Railroad Earth @ Crossroads KC. Attendance ~1500.

It's refreshing to know, some 40 years after Woodstock, that the youth of today are still smoking clove cigarettes, taking mind-altering substances, and still can assemble peacefully in a mudpit to listen to live music.

avett brothers

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Anonymous said...

It looks like someone was trying to write MOI's name in the mulch with to vomit at the Crossroads! I hope you warned them to stay away from the brown acid.

Anonymous said...

by the time the avett brothers came on it was already too late to warn them about the upcoming trip although, to their credit, most of them must have chosedn the more benign purple. wouldn't beer be the brown acid of today?