Tuesday, June 23, 2009

any last requests?

The wild blackberries are in season which means it's hot. The same could be said for blueberries, except they are cultivated. OK. Whatever. Get outdoors and get used to it; the heat is going to be with us a while but the berries won't last but a couple of weeks. For some reason, wild blackberries are always co-located with poison ivy and ticks so I've acquired all three over the last week but really only a taste for the berries. Someone who thinks nature has a mind of its own might think there's a plan afoot but my suspicions point to the forest edge and the suitability of all to that microclimate.

Blackberries ripening amid the poison ivy.

The best way to cook wild blackberries is not-at-all. By that I mean you just eat what you pick. Seldom do you find enough in any one area to pick more than a pint or two so it's hard to stock up on the wild ones. Don't try. Steal them like an afternoon delight. Although I did pick a pint yesterday and give them to a dying man as one of his last requests. I repeat this only to inform you of the lengths you'll have to go to get a pint from m.o.i.

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Anonymous said...

I'd just come by and pick some, but the last time I was in thatpart of your garden, I left with a case of poison ivy that took a round of steroids to cure and stil have the scars on my arms to prove it. what if the ivy and the blackberries merge and you end up with amouthful of rash, then you'd want to be the dead man.